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Savannah Picnic Company

Our Menu

Gourmet sandwiches, cheese and charcuterie, fruit tartlets, crème Brulee, dessert croissants, fresh coffee and sparkling water are just some of the foodie offerings we have for you! Take a look through our luxurious menu and let us know what you would like for your al fresco dining experience.

Cheese and Charcuterie Basket

French Brie, Comte, and Smoked Gouda cheeses with a selection of Saucisson, Prosciutto, Sopresse meats; choice of Crispy Baguette or Flakey Croissant with

Orange Marmalade.

Served with Fresh and Dried Fruit, Delicious Fruit Tartlets

Bottled Water and Sparkling Water

Gourmet Sandwich Basket 

 Black Forest Ham, French Triple Creme Brie, Butter and Greens Mix


Italian Prosciutto, French Triple Creme Brie, Fig Preserves, Butter and Spinach


Fresh Tomatoes, Baby Spinach, Fresh Mozzarella, and Homemade Basil Pesto 

All served with a Small Green Salad, Seasonal Fruit Tartlets

Bottled Water and Sparkling Water

French Pastry Basket 

Delicate and Flakey Ham and Cheese Croissants, and choice of dessert: Pain Au Chocolat, Flan, or Creme Brulee.

Served with Fresh Fruit 
Bottled Water and Sparking Water

Dessert Basket

Your Choice of an Eclair or Dessert Croissant (Pain Au Chocolat,

Raspberry Preserves, Raspberry Preserves with Lemon Creme Filling, Almond Chocolate, or Pomegranate Preserves), and French Macarons (selection of flavor will vary between Chocolate, Lemon, Raspberry, Rose, Elderflower, Coconut Chocolate, PBJ, Hazelnut, Pistachio). 

Served with Fresh Fruit

 Bottled Water and Sparkling Water

Brunch Basket

Flakey and Buttery Croissants with Orange Marmalade, Fresh Fruit, Cheese Selection (French Brie, Comte, and Smoked Gouda), and your choice of an Eclair or Macarons.

Served with Fresh Coffee, Orange Juice, and Bottled Water

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